Peru 2022 Seminar

The good use of plastic mulches in intensive agriculture
Weed control, increased soil temperature and water savings are some of the benefits they bring to the crop.
Overall, the consumer experience with South African blueberries is exceptional.
Blueberries from the northern provinces of South Africa are starting to arrive. The first exports will begin within a week or two. "Everyone is recovering from the [...]
With great attendance from the blueberry world, the International Blueberry Seminar was held in Trujillo
Trujillo is the center of the region that concentrates more than 75% of the production and export of blueberries of the Peruvian industry, corresponding to La Libertad and its neighbors Lambayeque and Ancash.
The Trujillo 2022 International Blueberry Seminar culminates with a successful day
A crowded conference room heard about organic production and plant nutrition on the last day of the event.
Herbert Widmann Ltd expects 20 percent more blueberries from Lüneburger Heide, Bavaria and Romania
For the new blueberry season, Herbert Widmann Ltd is starting with products from three producing regions: Lüneburg Heath, Bavaria and Romania. Hans Widmann, managing partner of the company, informs us that the blueberries from all three regions have so far been of good quality.
This Wednesday begins a new version of the International Blueberry Seminar in Trujillo
The event organized by Blueberries Consulting will bring together important players in the Peruvian industry in the epicenter of blueberry production in the country.
Downward Trend in Spot Rates Could Resurrect Itinerary Cancellations
In as much, good part of the beneficiaries of the load wait for the occasion to get away from the long-term contracts.
Berries, the fruits that are gaining ground in the Mexican countryside
However, as the road advances, the image becomes clearer, it is not snow that dominates the panorama of the region, but thousands of hectares of [...]
"The Trujillo International Seminar is a recognition of Peruvian producers"
"Getting to know directly the reality of cultivation in Trujillo will be a very enriching experience for all the industry players who attend the meeting."
“Segregation and control, control and more control…”
Peru currently has around 60 varieties of blueberries in full production, so the segregation of the fruit at harvest is an essential activity to offer a homogeneous product. Furthermore, if we think that these dozens of varieties are grown in different climates, we must conclude that the variables multiply in terms of results.