News Seminar Spain 2019

How Japan is revolutionizing agriculture without land or workers
The fruits and vegetables grown by the Japanese Yuichi Mori are not in the ground and do not need soil. The roots of what he plants come out of a device [...]
UN expert group calls for controlling agriculture and food waste to curb Climate Change
The IPCC, Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Climate Change (IPCC), an international body in charge of evaluating the state of scientific knowledge regarding climate change, its impacts and its future [...]
The XVII International Seminar of Blueberries in Seville takes place with great expectation
The person in charge of opening the meeting was the Chilean researcher Jorge Retamales, who elaborated on the physiological concepts in the production of blueberries, covering aspects such as [...]
A presentation by researcher Jorge Retamales will open the XVII International Blueberries Seminar in Spain
The countdown to the XVII International Blueberries Spain Seminar 2019 has begun. The national and international blueberry sector will meet on June 27 at the [...]
Harold Huot, from Surberry: «Blueberry cultivation without a strategy has no future»
“Competition in the blueberry sector is already a fact that did not have to be negative. Healthy competition encourages improvements and stimulates the search for sustainable alternatives. [...]
The manager of Costa de Huelva, Bartolomé Fernández, will speak with a presentation at the XVII International Blueberries Seminar of Seville
The XVII International Blueberries Spain 2019 Seminar is in its final stretch, although access to it can still be achieved with economic advantages of € 240 + VAT, starting from the [...]
Spain: "The crop that goes through the greatest difficulties is that of blueberries"
Alberto Garrocho, president of Freshuelva, has offered an interview to the newspaper Huelva Information about the 2019 strawberry campaign, its balance and the problems that have [...]
Spain: Expectations increase for the International Seminar of Blueberries in Seville
Very few agrofruticultural meetings in the world can generate as much expectation as that of the blueberry industry in Spain, which will be held next 27 [...]
Germany: Cranberry imports have tripled since 2014
The import of blueberries on the German market has increased enormously in recent years. In 2014, 10.586 tons were imported in total. In 2018, imports amounted to 35.341 [...]
New varieties of cranberry precocious, productive, large and easy to collect
Planasa is going to launch its first six varieties of blueberry by October 2019. The excellent results of the investment made in the R & D & I program for this berry are [...]