News Seminar Chile 2019

Chile, an important country as a blueberry supplier in China
This is the time of year when large volumes of imported fruit enter the Chinese market. The importation of cherries is well known, but blueberries are also [...]
New President of the Blueberry Committee of Chile wants to strengthen the country's position in the industry
The Chilean Blueberry Committee, the institution behind the promotion of blueberries in foreign markets, is under the new leadership of Felipe Silva: Agronomist Engineer of the [...]
2019-2020 Season Preview: Chilean Blueberry Exports Begin Peak Weeks
According to the latest Crop Report of the Asoex Blueberry Committee, prepared by IQonsulting, the harvests are focused on the south central zone, where the most representative volumes are found [...]
Blueberries in southern Chile: adapting to changes
The American blueberry is the main fruit crop in Los Lagos. According to data from the latest cadastre prepared by the Office of Agrarian Studies and Policies (Odepa) with the support of [...]
INIA researcher presents advances to protect blueberries before climatic events
The food industry worldwide is constantly expanding and Chile has the opportunity to respond to this demand with healthy and safe products. That's him [...]
The Monticello was a deep Seminar
This April 11, the XIV International Blueberry Seminar was held in Monticello, Chile, and it was a surprising and intense meeting, not only due to the large attendance of producers, [...]
Director of INIA La Platina at the Blueberries seminar: "We want to be active players in this great challenge facing the fruit industry"
"For the Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) it is very pleasant and at the same time a privilege to be able to participate in this type of event and share with you a large part of [...]
Chilean cranberry industry:
The objective is to recover competitiveness
The area of ​​blueberries planted in Chile is around 15.900 hectares. The trend is that it continues to grow, due to internal and external factors. Internally, there is the effect [...]
11 of April: all ready for the XIV international seminar "Blueberries Chile 2019"
The meeting will take place on April 11 from 7.30 am at the Hotel Monticello Conference Center, Km. 57, Ruta 5 Sur, San Francisco de [...]
Bayer and Hortifrut unite in the handling of phytosanitary products
The German company Bayer signed an agreement with the leading blueberry company, Hortifrut, which aims to develop a project on the management of phytosanitary products in these [...]