Saturday 19 of October of 2019 / Week 42


At we have integrated all those involved in this production chain, producers, nurserymen, public and private research companies, agrochemical companies, exporters, higher education institutions, consultants and advisors.

We focus on the problems and available solutions faced by the participants of this dynamic market day by day. We are a web portal open to all public, free access and publication of studies, news and reports, in order to provide the industry with relevant information for decision making.

We invite you to actively participate in our portal and be an important part of this web site, created to share information and promote the development of the cranberry industry in Chile and the world.

BLUEBERRIES CONSULTING is a platform for the dissemination of information specializing in blueberries. It is originated by the growing need of the industry to have current information, studies, trials and others, with the aim of promoting knowledge of the crop and improving the quality and condition of the final product.