Agrovision will begin large-scale berry growing operations in China

The company expects the first commercial volumes of locally grown berries to be on sale in China in the first quarter of 2025.

agrovision has signed an agreement with the Longhua Residents' Committee, Midu County, to introduce large-scale berry farming operations in China's Yunnan province. The initial deal, for a 33ha soft fruit plantation, is the first of several planned deals covering a total of 2.000ha.

The new operation in Yunnan marks the latest step in the company's strategy to expand its global production footprint to build a 52-week supply of premium domestically grown berries. It expects the first commercial volumes to be on sale throughout China in the first quarter of 2025.

With warm tropical days and cold nights, agrovision said Yunnan offers an optimal growth microclimate for its main blueberry varieties.

“This agreement is a key strategic milestone for Agrovision as we advance the promise of providing the world with a better year-round berry,” said CEO and Executive Chairman Steve Magami.

“In addition, our farm market operations in Yunnan will boost the local agricultural economy and offer millions of health-conscious Chinese consumers a premium blueberry that offers a superior dining experience.”

Stone Wang, CEO of Agrovision China, added: “Agrovision’s first plantation project in China will provide high-quality locally grown blueberries for Chinese consumers.”

China is known to be one of the most health-conscious countries in the world and eating healthy foods is now considered a status symbol in Chinese society.

Steve Magami Co-Founder agrovision

According to China Briefing, 73 percent of Chinese consumers are willing to pay more for foods considered healthier and 58 percent of the Chinese middle class (aged 20 to 49) are willing to pay more for ethical brands.

Agrovision said the landmark agreement is the result of collaboration with local stakeholders, including the Chinese government, which has been instrumental in establishing the company and maintains strict sustainable land use programs.

The company first entered China in 2022 and established sales and marketing operations in Shanghai. Since then it has become the main importer of premium blueberries on the market.

Agrovision markets its blueberries to Chinese consumers under the Big Skye (Mai-yi-li) label. In October 2023, it announced its partnership with the Chilean Greenvic to meet the high demand for cherries in the Chinese market.

Headquartered in the US, the vertically integrated company has established growing operations and business partnerships around the world with research and development operations in Peru and Mexico. Vertical integration, from farm to retail, ensures full control of the supply chain “for reliable, consistent, quality supply to consumers in North America, Asia and Europe.”

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