In the first quarter of 2024

Peruvian agricultural exports showed a growth of 8.7%

  • They totaled US$ 2 million and reached 388 countries, whose ranking was led by the United States.
  • Non-traditional agricultural products were the most notable, including grapes, blueberries, avocados and mangoes.

Monday, May 13-. Peruvian agroexports (traditional and non-traditional) in the first 3 months of the year totaled US$ 2 million, a figure that indicates an increase of 388% compared to the same period in 8.7, indicated the Agroexport Management of the Association of Exports (ADEX).

Agribusiness (with added value) amounted to U$ 2 million, achieving a participation of 209% and an increase of 92.4%. In this regard, the union's Agroexports manager, Claudia Solano Oré, welcomed the announcement by the head of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), Ángel Manero, who reported that the Executive will present a proposal for a new Agrarian Promotion Law.

“This is an important initiative. The repealed Law No. 27360 was fundamental in the development of the sector, which until a few years ago was growing at double digits, it was possible to diversify the basket, reach new markets and generate formal and decentralized jobs,” said the union representative.

As part of the work to promote these shipments, he added, ADEX carried out a series of activities, such as the FDA Summit (in Lima and Trujillo), the 22nd Agro-Exporter Lunch (Lima) and last week the Ginger Week (Satipo, Junín) . Likewise, Expoalimentaria 2024, the most important food and beverage fair on the continent, will take place in September.

The main agroindustrial products (non-traditional) were grapes (US$ 449 million 328 thousand) despite suffering a contraction of -28.7%. Blueberries (US$ 341 million 259 thousand), avocados (US$ 218 million), mangoes (US$ 189 million 336 thousand) and other cocoa beans (US$ 78 million) were also exported, with increases of 119.2%, 65% , 2% and 108.4%, respectively.

According to figures from the ADEX Data Trade Commercial Intelligence System, fresh or refrigerated asparagus, other fresh fruits, other preparations for animal feed, paprika, bananas, mango, quinoa, onions, ginger and sweet cookies, among others, were also shipped.

In the case of primary agriculture (US$ 179 million 485 thousand) it grew 59.4%, highlighting undecaffeinated and unroasted coffee (US$ 155 million 372 thousand), other refined cane or beet sugars (US$ 13 million 857 thousand ), fine or ordinary alpaca or llama hair (US$ 2 million 595 thousand), whole bovine hides and skins (US$ 2 million 087 thousand) and cane molasses (US$ 1 million 758 thousand).


The Peruvian agricultural offer (traditional and non-traditional) reached 115 markets in the first quarter of the year. The main ones were the US (US$ 791 million), the Netherlands (US$ 367 million), Spain (US$ 151 million), Mexico (US$ 120 million) and Chile (US$ 91 million), which increased their demand in 8.4%, 19.7%, 27.5%, 2.1% and 18.3%, respectively.


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